fredag 1 april 2011


I'd like to tell you about most terrific discovery of our team for last few years. 
We've got a good contract with one of the most known hardware producers in the world. They wanted us to develop new technology of using enemies of hardware, such us microbes, mould and moisture. The aim of the research was to find new way of protecting computer hardware from those archemenies.
We were unable to solve our task for a while. But suddenly, in the process of our research, we found that in the process of spluttering of the blank board picture by the nutrient solution, then irrigating it by spores of some species of lower fungi, we can successfully protect computer boards.After that computer board forms 90-mm outlines. 
Than we splutter our computer board by mixture of water and tinges of some metals. 
These outlines optimize the overall work process of the computer board.
On the final stage we are drying our computer board and the board is ready for use. 

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